Emotional Eating Guide:
Triggers that cause you to eat
You already know all the right things to eat. More veggies, less sugar. Eat protein and minimize the processed stuff. You get it! 


You still find yourself downing a bag of chips or a handful of cookies after the kids go to bed! Amiright???
Make 2019 the year you take control
Emotional Eating Checklist
That green smoothie you drink in the morning and your superfood salad for lunch are amazing! But the mid-afternoon latte with all the whip cream AND chocolate sprinkles kind of puts all your hard work to waste.

So why do you keep doing that to yourself?

If healthy eating were as simple as following a meal plan, every Mom would have six pack abs and buns of steel. The truth is, you’re more than a Mom. You’re a complex human being with complex emotions. It’s not just about the food and that’s why I created this checklist for you! 
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